13-15 June 2018

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

The Sensorium: designing future interactions

Session type:
Case Study

Session duration:
60 minutes

Presented by:

Dr Emilia Sobolewska

Edinburgh Napier University

About this Case Study

Technological innovation is happening ever more quickly with new devices and services, ranging from personal health monitors to intelligent digital assistants, flooding onto the market. This means that the experience people have interacting with technologies has never been more important. From new retail spaces to interactive gardens to therapy spaces to entertainment, UX is becoming increasingly central to people’s lives.

Our latest development is to bring UX technologies into a laboratory setting - the Sensorium. The state of the art equipment measures physical, psychological and neurological reactions and behaviour of people as they interact in real-time with systems and services. These biometric data streams are synchronised with screen capture/environmental video to produce data visualisations to inform user-centred design.

About the Speaker

Dr Emilia Sobolewska is a lecturer and researcher at Edinburgh Napier University's Centre for Interaction Design at the School of Computing. She is also Programme Leader for the MSc Computing (User Experience) and MSc Computing (Professional Placement) courses as well as the undergraduate course, BSc(Hons) Web Design and Development.



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