13-15 June 2018

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

Big results from small efforts: using discount usability for valuable UX insights

Session type:
Case Study

Session duration:
45 minutes

Presented by:

Aleks Wruk


About this Case Study

How do you provide the most value when researching a project that's tight on time and resource?

UX is now common practice amongst companies who understand that providing a great user experience is vital to success. Yet due to other priorities within the business, the scope for UX research is often very narrow. However, there’s still plenty you can do to get quick, valuable insights without major impact on resource. This is particularly relevant when working with fast-moving agile teams.

According to Nielsen Norman Group, the long standing gurus of all things UX :
“Discount usability often gives better results than deluxe usability because its methods drive an emphasis on early and rapid iteration with frequent usability input.”

During this session I would like to cover a few examples of how I went about UX research where there was little to no time and budget for it. You’ll learn about:

  • the lean approach - or how to determine the least amount of work needed to validate your ideas
  • discount prototyping - or how to simply convey ideas to get the most answers
  • guerrilla research - or how to talk to users when you have no recruitment budget
  • rapid research for agile teams - or how to move as fast as sprints do
  • the 'just do it approach - or how to help make UX research feel less intimidating

By learning how to conduct discount research you’ll have tools for bringing UX insight to the teams and help them take informed decisions with least effort and resource.

About the Speaker

Aleks is a thinker and a user advocate. Her geeky tendencies and love of learning about everything and anything have led her to pick up a career in UX research. She has worked for some of Scotland's top tech companies, building bridges between teams of designers and developers and their users.

Rooted in agile, her present role lies at the crossover of detective work and science. Aleks works together with teams helping them to create outstanding products. As well as planning and implementing research methodologies into development cycles, her current role focuses on promoting user centredness and the culture of learning.


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