13-15 June 2018

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

How we got from Arthur's Seat to The Pentlands - A case study

Session type:
Lightning Talk

Session duration:
2-8 minutes

Presented by:

Arianna Marsilio

Make it Social

About this Lightning Talk

This talk is about building a product with the gut whilst designing it with the brain.

I will outline the way we at Make it Social brought innovation to a long standing industry - not by pushing people into deep water and hoping they learn how to swim, but by starting a user on a familiar path and slowly leading them astray.

I will be talking about how making mistakes helped us find the right path (to The Pentlands) and how much knowing your users is important to win arguments (with your 'Visionary CEO').

About the Speaker

Arianna is a passionate UX designer and product manager. She works at Make it Social. A tech startup in Edinburgh that is helping groups of families and friend enjoy more of offline social interactions together by helping the online booking experience.

Arianna gets very excited by tech that is used to help people disconnect from their devices and spend time in a more meaningful way. She is a follower of the Time Well Spent movement.

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