13-15 June 2018

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

How Sound helps us make sense of the world

Session type:
Lightning Talk

Session duration:
2-8 minutes

Presented by:

Abi Reynolds


About this Lightning Talk

Conversational UIs and VUIs are the new frontier in UX Design. And we UXers are trying to get to grips with how we can use language and voice as tools to interact with technology

Voice as a medium can be very compelling but is also very complex. Many elements combine to make a verbal exchange meaningful and sound is just one of them. In this short talk, I will discuss the concept of sound and look at a couple of different ways we can use it in our communications and the effect it has on the meaning of our exchanges. And I will consider what implications this could have for us UXers when designing VUIs

About the Speaker

Abi is not a linguist but a UXer interested in Voice and the area of Conversational UIs in general. She is currently a Principal UX Consultant with User vision Edinburgh and previous to that was UX research manager at Paddy Power Dublin. She likes learning about how people engage with technology and how to translate those insights into better products and services that connect with people's lives.

Abi likes blogging about all things UX and anything in particular that takes her fancy, on uxfactor.wordpress.com.

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