13-15 June 2018

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

Changing the remit

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60 minutes

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Kate Tarling

Fly UX Ltd

About this Keynote

Many of us have experience, successful or otherwise, of designing products and services at the scale of a large organisation or enterprise.

You could say that coaching leaders of organisations, commissioning and sponsoring new work, managing portfolios of projects, directing programmes, participating in governance, managing a technology estate or financial reporting have little to do with what is classically seen as the practice of design or of 'user experience’.

Yet without having understanding and influence in all of these areas, you risk user-centred design being relegated to the individual contributions of designers on pre-scoped (IT) projects. Or of it being so heavily constrained by the realities of the organisational context that it remains a romantic daydream that we use up a lot of energy pursuing.

I want to pose a question: do we want to run service (or product) design projects? Or do we want to run good services?

To carve out space for impactful design and research across large organisations, we need to change the remit of design as well as the toolkit.

This session sets out a new role for design in large organisations and enterprises, using examples from government, insurance and banking, taking into account the many thousands of ‘non designers’ in an organisation that are very much influencing the design, and always have.

We’ll look at the kind of tools and approaches realistically needed to manage and design good services today. They differ from classic user-centred design process and tools, even while they explicitly carve out space for much stronger evidence-based design.

And we’ll reflect on what this could mean for those of us who work in-house as well as for those of us that work in consultancy.

About the Speaker

Kate is a designer, strategist, speaker and organisational coach.

She is a leading voice on the topic of design and management of services in large organisations - and on what is really meant by digital transformation. She’ll share thoughts on what it takes to design complex services at scale.

She has helped build powerful and respected service design teams, successfully embedded modern digital and design capabilities and consulted for many kinds of organisation, from the most forward thinking to the most complex and traditional. This has included the Home Office, Government Digital Service, Party Gaming and First Telecom.

She has also worked with a number of social good start-ups, including the winners of multiple design awards Peek Vision - and is a mentor through Techstars.


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