13-15 June 2018

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

Bring it to life

Session type:
Case Study

Session duration:
45 minutes

Presented by:

Markus Knigge

Volkswagen Financial Services AG - Digital Unit

About this Case Study

As UI / UX designer we often have to deal with C.I. (Corporate Identity) and C.D. (Corporate Design) documentations. Some times these docs have certain obstacles for us to deal with. For example PDF documents as a web styleguide or static pictures that show dynamic web or app designs.

So we need to bring this static design provisions to the dynamic digital "life", where we need to create a professional and enjoyable user experience.

This is often an act of holding the balance and between the responsible (marketing) people, the user and his experience and our own demands regard quality of rich user interfaces.

What are the ingredients for this in terms of web design? how can we create an enjoyable UX without not breaking „the rules“? This and some more questions will be covered in presentation from the daily life of a (web) designer these days. We will also take a look on whats often forgotten in style guides and how we can help to clean this mess up.

This session has a focus on web design, but of course there are parallels to all other digital media

About the Speaker

Starting in digital design during his industrial design studies back in 1993, Markus was later one the founders of the agency "cross-pool" in 1996. Later he was employed as an art director for GINGCO Network, before he switched roles and went to the customer site at Volkswagen Financial Services AG as a designer and online marketing specialist.

Parallel to his full-time job, he spent 10 years as chairman of the examining board at the IHK Braunschweig for vocational education and lectured in web design at the University of Art in Braunschweig.

During his work for Volkswagen Financial Services AG, he switched to different positions in IT or business, always looking after customers' experiences. Now he leads the UX/UI team in the Digital Unit, the start-up division of Volkswagen Financial Services AG in Berlin.

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