13-15 June 2018

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

Darker patterns: the problems with seemingly seamless user experiences

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45 minutes

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Jessica Cameron

User Vision

About this Tutorial

We check our mobiles 85 times a day, habitually and without conscious planning. We respond to Facebook likes as rats do to sugar solution. We let YouTube’s algorithms determine what our kids watch. We choose potential life partners by swiping right. We like it when websites tell us what to buy, we converse using pictures of small yellow faces, and we have conversations with our appliances.

Sure, all of these things are easy to do. But at what point does engaging with technology become too easy? Should we create user experiences that maintain a bit of friction, to remind us that we still have the capacity for complex social interactions and effortful decision making?

This session won’t give you all of the answers, but it will raise some interesting questions.

About the Speaker

Jessica Cameron is a native New Yorker living in Edinburgh, where she is a UX consultant with User Vision. She has a PhD in experimental social psychology from Stanford, and extensive experience using qualitative and quantitative research techniques to study people's attitudes and behaviours. As a UX researcher, she has worked with clients in a variety of fields, including finance, the public sector, travel and e-commerce.

Jessica has come to terms with the pizza in Scotland, but has given up on ever having a decent bagel again.


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