13-15 June 2018

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

Backpack, our journey in creating a design system

Session type:
Case Study

Session duration:
45 minutes

Presented by:

James Ferguson


About this Case Study

Design and engineering at scale is hard. A lot of companies often think throwing more resource at something means teams will go faster. My experience is that sometimes you have to go slower to enable you to go faster. But how do you get the buy-in to do so?

Design systems are very popular within the design and engineering communities right now. Like us, they’re the way tech companies are scaling the front-end. However, creating a design system is no small task, but there are many different entry points depending on the size (or appetite) of your organisation.

I’d love to share my experience at Skyscanner, the highs and lows of how we’re tackling design and engineering at scale and the importance of both coming together. I’ll not only touch on the highs, but you’ll get real insight into the things we didn’t get right first time and the learnings we made.

About the Speaker

James is the Senior Design Manager and Product Owner, Design Systems & Tooling at Skyscanner.

He is a designer and maker with over 13 years' design experience, building and leading global design teams. He is currently focused on creating design systems and tooling to enable design and engineering teams to produce highly crafted products as easy as possible.

You can find him at medium.com/@jamesf3rguson.


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